Early Childhood Systems Strategic Plan

Early Childhood Systems Strategic Plan

Maryland’s PDG B-5 strategic planning process will operationalize the states vision for early care and education, and chart a clear path toward a coordinated, aligned, and integrated system of high quality programs, supports and services for young children and their families.

For the past year, Maryland has been working through the development of an updated vision, mission, and 5-year strategic plan to guide our early care and education (ECE) system development to support young children and their families as they grow and develop from the prenatal period through age 8. Future drafts of the strategic plan will include measurable actions, as well as indicators of progress and success.

We invite public comment on this initial draft of these materials. Please provide your thoughts and suggestions about how well this draft captures key state priorities, particularly about how we are focusing on:

  • Promoting equity and diversity;
  • Serving children and their families in 2-Generation programs and approaches;
  • Addressing the needs of families experiencing adversity;
  • Supporting multi-language learners; and
  • Improving access and availability across programs and services.

Maryland Ready - A Path to School Readiness and Success

Maryland Ready: A Path to School Readiness and Success, a five-year strategic plan that will map a course to support all children and their families from the prenatal stage up through age 8 in growing up healthy and ready for school success. The development of the plan for Maryland’s statewide, comprehensive early childhood system building, led by the Maryland Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, integrates input from a diverse range of stakeholders throughout the state, and is supported by Maryland’s federal Preschool Development Birth through 5 (PDG-B-5) Grant.

With the vision that all young children and their families will thrive, the plan articulates the State’s overall mission to promote a well-coordinated and integrated system of programs, supports and services for every child. Maryland Ready: A Path to School Readiness and Success outlines the State’s overall approach to providing each Maryland child equitable access to a high-quality early childhood experience that promotes a healthy body and mind, as well as the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for success. The overall goal is to ensure that every family has access to the resources needed to be effective as their child’s first and most important teacher and advocate.

Strategic Planning Draft Materials