Child Care Providers

Research has shown that the first years of a child’s life are crucial in laying the foundation for the child’s health, learning and development. These early years represent a unique opportunity to influence children toward success and happiness in school and in the rest of their lives.

Other research has told us that a child’s family is the most important variable in preparing the child to be ready for school. But you - as a child care provider - are also right there in terms of your influence on a child. This is particularly obvious when you consider that the child care you provide may be the first ongoing experience the child has outside the family home. 

The work you do is precious, essential for children and families and we greatly value it.

We also know that you want to consistently improve the services that you offer and, because this is your career, learn how to best market those services. After all, the best child care provider in the world doesn’t have much impact if she doesn’t have children to look after every day.

This part of the site can be useful whether you are just considering a career in child care, have been doing it for years or if you already have your own child care business. It covers subjects ranging from training, licensing, credentialing, the regulations that govern child care in Maryland to how you can get the word out to families about the good work that you do.

Start exploring now so you can learn how to help the children in your care be ready for Kindergarten and beyond.

Child Care Provider Portal