Choosing a Program

By this point, you have gathered your data and likely know a whole lot more about child care than you did at the start of this process. The next step is to finally choose a program.

Have you found the one that you believe will be best for your child? For your family?

Take your time with your decision. If you feel like you want to visit a program again and/or to ask a child care provider more questions, do so. If you have not yet found the right program, consider looking at some additional programs. You might even go back to some of the programs that you considered earlier in your search (your perspective may have changed over time).


If you feel uncertain about which program to choose - or simply want to collect more input before you decide - it can be helpful to speak with the parents of children who already attend the programs you are considering. Other parents will be able to share their perspectives about the pros and cons of each program. Ask the provider to connect you with some other parents. If it is a good program, the provider will be delighted to do this.

Ultimately, this is a choice that you make with both your head and your heart. Does the program tick all the boxes for you? Does it have the resources and activities that you want for your child? Does it feel like a place where you would want your child to spend time? Do you feel comfortable and (hopefully) enthusiastic about the provider?

Once you have decided on a program, it is time to start Preparing Your Child for the exciting new experience they are about to have.