Developmental Screening

What is Developmental Screening?

Developmental screening is a brief method completed by a parent or caregiver to quickly identify a child’s progress through foundational early childhood developmental milestones.  A child’s development can be measured by how a child learns, speaks, moves, behaves and relates.  Skills such as smiling, waving, and talking are developmental milestones. 

Developmental screening is important as it could help identify a child in need of additional resources or services.  Providers or pediatricians can link parents to these resources and services, many of which are free.  Children that receive these services and resources at earlier ages are often able to make better gains in their development rather than waiting until later ages.

Maryland State Department of Education will propose a regulation to require all licensed child care providers (including child care centers and family child care home providers) to conduct screening on children aged 6 weeks - 5 years of age (prior to kindergarten entry).  Child care providers will share the results with the family.  If a child shows any developmental concerns, the family can decide whether to seek further evaluation for the child.  There are many free resources in Maryland and the child care provider can help the family access those resources.

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