PreK-Grade 2

This section provides information on standards, curriculum and assessment, and professional development resources to support the teaching and learning of children from Prekindergarten through Grade 2.

For all of us, the goal is to promote children’s learning and development both now and as a foundation for future success.  The Division of Early Childhood offers information and resources to support everyone who is involved in achieving this goal for all of Maryland’s children.

Meeting the Challenge: Maryland’s Early Learning Response to COVID-19

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Information

Download information on Maryland’s Pre-Kindergarten programs…

… and Maryland’s public kindergarten programs:

The Prekindergarten Expansion Grant for SY 2022

This state-funded grant will expand access to high-quality prekindergarten for three-year-olds and four-year-olds from families with household incomes up to 300 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG). 

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FY 2022 Prekindergarten Grant Technical Assistance Webinar Resources (3/23/2021)