Training Vouchers and Reimbursements

Training Vouchers and Reimbursement are designed to assist child care professionals participating in the Maryland Child Care Credential Program at Level Two or higher with the costs of training for professional development. 

An application for training reimbursement can be submitted for:

  • Approved Core of Knowledge Training
  • Pre-Service Courses
  • Registration at local, state and national child care conferences

An application for training voucher can be submitted for:

  • Pre-Service Courses
  • Registration at local, state and national child care conferences

Child care providers participating in the Credential Program at level two or higher are eligible to receive up to $400 each year as long as funds are available.


Typical pre-service courses for which you can use a voucher include:

  • Child growth and development
  • Infant-toddler care and development
  • Preschool curriculum
  • School-age curriculum
  • Director (45-hour Administration)
  • Family child care (24-hour Training)
  • Approved college courses (credit or non-credit)


Training Vouchers and Reimbursement



  • Training Voucher

    Climbing the career ladder

    A training voucher application can be submitted for local, state, and national child care conference registrations and for approved pre-service courses. Training vouchers can only be issued to the organization/association sponsoring the conference or pre-service course.

    A completed application and required documentation as indicated on the application form must be submitted at least 60 days before the conference or pre-service course. 

    The training voucher is issued to the participant. It will state the name of the conference/pre-service course, the sponsoring organization or approved trainer, and the amount of the voucher. The participant must present the voucher to the organization/trainer and use as payment for the training.

    The organization or trainer submits the voucher to the Credentialing Branch for payment.

    Upon successful completion of the training for which the voucher was issued the participant shall submit to MSDE a copy of the:

    • Transcripts,
    • Grade slip,
    • Certificate, or
    • Documentation from instructor that indicates successful completion of the training.

    If without good cause, you fail to complete a training for which you were issued a voucher, you will be required to repay the amount of the voucher. You will not be eligible to receive additional training vouchers unless you do so.

  • Training Reimbursement


    • Training Reimbursement applications and required documentation can be submitted for approved training successfully completed not more than 180 days before the date of the application submission.
    • Training reimbursement can only be issued to the credentialed child care provider. Reimbursement cannot be issued to a child care center/program or any other organization/agency.




  • National Conference Documentation

    When attending a national conference such as NAEYC or NAFCC, you can have the workshops you attended count towards your Credential. There are two ways to verify attendance and receive credit:

    1. Get CEU’s – most national conferences offer participants the ability to get CEU’s for an additional fee.
    2. Submit the conference certificate and booklet with the following information:
    • On the back of the training certificate, write the title of the workshop(s) attended and have each trainer sign next to the workshop title
    • Submit both sides of the conference certificate and the description of the training from the conference booklet


  • Application Information

    There are two ways to submit an application for Training Voucher or Reimbursement: 

    1. By Mail
    2. Online

    Application for Training Reimbursement:

    Application for Training Voucher:


    1. The fillable PDF allows an applicant to fill in and print the application to be mailed to MSDE
    2. The online application allows an applicant to complete and submit application through MSDE's online portal. 

    All applications for Training Voucher and Reimbursement should be mailed to: 

    Maryland State Department of Education 

    200 West Baltimore Street, 10th Floor

    Baltimore, MD 21201