Resources for Trainers

The Office of Child Care offers a wide array of resources and application materials to support you as a trainer for child care professionals in Maryland.

All trainers must obtain training in the education of adults.  Recommended organizations can be found through:

Child Care training approval applications:

Training Proposal Template, Description Form and Rubric:

Additional Resources to Assist in Training Development:

Submit your core of knowledge and continued training proposal electronically

Associating trainers to approved training organizations:

  • Add Form (PDF) to be submitted to MSDE with supporting documentation
  • Drop Form (PDF) to be submitted to MSDE with supporting documentation

Forms for reporting:

Quarterly Training Reports must be submitted by the 15th of January, April, July and October on a form provided by the Office of Child Care. 

Reporting schedule is as follows:

1st Quarter= January, February, March.  This report is due by April 15

2nd Quarter = April, May, June. This report is due by July 15

3rd Quarter = July, August, September. This report is due by October 15

4th Quarter = October, November, December. This report is due by January 15