Large Family Child Care Home Manual

The Large Family Child Care Homes (Manual) is used as a reference for Office of Child Care (OCC) licensing staff, registered providers, and for those who apply to become large family child care home providers.  The Manual primarily provides assistance in interpreting and applying Code of Maryland Regulation (COMAR) requirements when child care facilities are inspected for compliance by licensing staff.  By providing a comprehensive set of interpretive guidelines, the Manual enables large family child care home providers to achieve and maintain compliance, and enables licensing staff to assess provider compliance in a consistent and equitable manner.

 Chapters .01-.16 of the Large Family Child Care Home Manual are listed below.  For your convenience, the “Title Page and Master Table of Contents” contain a Title Page, an Introduction, and Table of Contents for all chapters.  This is useful when assembling the chapters together in a notebook or other type of binder.

 Title Page and Master Table of Contents

 01     Scope and Definitions

 02     Registration Application and Maintenance

 03     Management and Administration

 04     Operational Requirements

 05     Home Environment and Equipment

 06     Staff Requirements

 07     Child Protection

 08     Child Supervision

 09     Program Requirements

 10     Safety

 11     Health

 12     Nutrition

 13    Educational Programs in Nonpublic Nursery Schools

 14     Inspections, Complaints, and Enforcement

 15     Administrative Hearings

 16     Public Access to Licensing Records