Credential Branch News during COVID-19

Credential Program Updates (Updated 1/28/2021)

Credential Program Updates (Originally posted 3/26/2020, Updated 5/14/2020)

Child Care Quality Incentive Grant Program Update (5/14/2020)

Effective immediately through June 30, 2020, the Office of Child Care - Credentialing Branch is no longer accepting applications for the FY2020 Child Care Quality Incentive Grant Program due to limited funding.  

If you have questions regarding this notification, please contact the OCC-Credentialing Branch via e-mail at:

Thank you for your interest in the Child Care Quality Incentive Grant Program.

Application Submission:

Credential Applications:
New, renewal, upgrade and update application packets can be submitted by fax or email directly to Child Care Central:
Fax: 410-229-0145

Incentive Program Applications:

Applications for the following programs must be sent electronically to Applications submitted by mail for any of these programs will not be processed. 

  • Family Child Care Provider Direct Grant Fund 
  • Child Care Quality Incentive Grant Program 
  • Training Voucher and Reimbursement Program 
  • Child Care Career and Professional Development Fund

Please note: Applications for the Training Voucher and Reimbursement will still be accepted through the online portal using the links below: 

Important: Please be sure to check the email provided on your application for correspondence regarding your application.


MSDE Approved Trainers and Training Organizations

Trainer Announcements:


Professional Activity Units

Staff working in an EPSA and EPCC program will be awarded Two (2) PAUs 


  • Providers must submit a written letter on the center letterhead from the Director. 
  • Owner/Director-Must submit email approval from MSDE 

Here are some examples of PAUs that  will be awarded automatically to Providers:

  • 10 years of working in child care  - One (1) PAU
  • 20 years of working in child care  - Two (2) PAUs
  • 30 years working in child care - Three (3) PAUs

Here are some examples of Professional activities that you can submit with your Credentialing applications 

  • Active Association Board Member - Two (2) PAUs
  • Child Care Conference committee member - One (1) PAU
  • Active Child Care Association committee member - One (1) PAU
  • Informal Mentor - One (1) PAU
  • Member of a local, state or national child care professional organization - One (1) PAU
  • Newsletter Contributor - Two (2) PAUs
  • Professional child care book club - One (1) PAU
  • Judy Center partner - Two (2) PAUs

Here are some examples of PAUs Providers can participate in virtually

  • Participate on a committee in planning a virtual conference - One (1) PAUs
  • Approved trainer/college instructor of infant/toddler, early childhood, or school-age virtual training  - Three (3) PAUs
  • Attend a virtual national conference - Three  (3) PAUs
  • Maryland EXCELS and accreditation peer support group or Community of Practice - One  (1) PAU
  • Formal mentor for a student - Three (3) PAUs

For additional activities, please reference the Professional Activity Unit Guide: “Ways to engage in professional activities virtually”