Maryland Prekindergarten Programs Operating Manual

Prekindergarten Programs Operating Manual


  • Appendix  A - Prekindergarten Programs Contact List
  • Appendix B - Definition of High-Quality Prekindergarten Program
  • Appendix C - FY23 Student File Review Form
  • Appendix D - Maryland Kindergarten Grant Programs Classroom Instructional Quality Review and Clarifications
  • Appendix E - Infant Toddler Program/Child Find Contacts
  • Appendix F - Preventing Suspension and Expulsion in Early Care and Education Programs Policy Statement
  • Appendix G - Prekindergarten Programs Annual Review
  • Appendix H - Prekindergarten Teacher Certification Status Form
  • Appendix I - Abbreviated Teacher Salary Schedule
  • Appendix J -Prekindergarten Staff Change Form
  • Appendix K - Prekindergarten Programs Long-term Substitute Notification Form
  • Appendix L - MSDE Subrecipient Risk Assessment
  • Appendix M - Request to Move a Prekindergarten Class Form
  • Appendix N - FY 2023 Collaboration Check In
  • Appendix O - Maryland EXCELS Contact List