Resource Documents

  The following documents are primarily intended as guidance for the child care provider community with respect to a variety of child care program issues and practices. The Maryland State Department of Education's Office of Child Care uses many of these documents as the basis for assessing provider compliance with licensing requirements.

A Flu Guide for Parents

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act -  How it Relates to Child Care

Age-Appropriate Vaccination Requirements for Children Enrolled in Child Care Programs - (DHMH) chart

Animals in Child Care Facilities

Application Packet for a Child Care Center License or Letter of Compliance

Application Packet for the Family Child Care Home Registration

Application Packet and Instructions to Operate a Nonpublic Nursery School

Asthma and Allergies Resource Guide

Barriers to Protect Children from Life-Threatening Safety Hazards

CDC Prevention-Children Zika Activity Book

CDC Prevention-Help Control Mosquitoes that Spread the Zika Viruses

CDC Prevention-Keep Mosquitoes out of your Septic Tank

CDC Safe and Healty Diapering

Change of Licensee/Letter Holder of Child Care Centers

Checking Immunization Records During Inspections

Checking Staff Continued Training in Child Care Centers Guidelines

Child Abuse, Neglect and Mental Injury

Child Care Center Inspection Report (Sample)

Child Care Weather Watch Chart

Communicable Disease Summary- (DHMH)

COMAR 10.06.01 - Communicable Diseases and Related Conditions of Public Health Importance

COMAR - CJIS List of Offenses

Conducting Initial Inspections

Credential Evaluation Services

Crib Safety Tips

Crib Standards

Criminal Background Checks in Child Care Facilities

Criminal Background Fees

Customer Service - (Policy)

Daily Schedule (sample)

Developmental Characteristics

Diapering Procedure

Discipline Measures

Dual Licensure of Foster Homes, and Family Child Care or Large Family Child Care Homes

Establishing Anniversary Dates and Coordinating Inspections

FAQ on Lead and Lead Poisoning

First Aid/CPR/SIDS - Approved Training Sources

First Aid Supply List – Required Contents

Flu Prevention-Cleaning and Disinfecting

Flu Prevention-Everyday Preventive Actions

Food and Nutrition Resource Guide

General Sanitation Guidelines

Guide to Regulated Child Care

Handwashing Procedure

Hiring Staff

Home Instruction

Illness and Reportable Diseases in Child Care

Insect Repellent Guidelines

Lead Poisoning FAQs

Licensing Branch Summary

Licensing Manuals

Maryland Child Passenger Safety Law

Maryland Kids in Safety Seats (K.I.S.S.)

Maryland Child Care Center - Preschool Director Requirements/School-Age Director Requirements

Maryland Child Care Center - Staff Requirements

Maryland Large Family Child Care Home - Staff Requirements

Measuring Space in Child Care Facilities Guidelines

Monitoring Report-Educational Program in a Nonpublic Nursery School

Non-Poisonous Plants

Non Responsive Providers and Providers Not Providing Care

Not Vaccinated-Risks for Parents

One Minute Safety Seat Checklist

Operating a Child Care Facility Using a "Doing Business As" Name

Overnight Child Care in Family Child Care Homes

Planning Your Facility – Materials and Equipment

Playground and Water Safety Guidelines

Playground Safety

Poisonous Plants

Program Requirements – Curriculum: Easy as ABC, 123

Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse and Neglect, and Mental Injury

Signs of Illness in Children

Staff-Child Ratio Chart - Child Care Centers

Staff-Child Ratio Chart - Large Family Child Care Homes

Suggested Daily Activities

Suitability for Employment Process

Supervising Children

Universal Conversion from Initial to Continuing Cover Letter

Universal 24-Month Maintenance Cover Letter and Checklist form, OCC 674

USDA/CACFP Child Care Meal Pattern Guidelines

Verifying Staff Employment in Child Care Facilities During Annual Unannounced Inspections

Volunteers in Child Care Co-Op Programs

Volunteers and Practicum Students in Child Care Facilities

Weekly Menu Planner

Window Covering Guidelines