What are your rights as a consumer of child care?

When you choose regulated child care, you have several rights which are protected under Maryland law. You:

  • Have the right to expect that the care your child receives meets the requirements set by Maryland child care regulations
  • Have the right to visit the facility any time your child is in care without making an appointment
  • Have the right to see the rooms and outside play area where care is provided during program hours
  • Are to be notified if someone in the family child care home smokes. In child care centers, smoking is not allowed
  • Have the right to receive advance notice when a substitute will be caring for your child in a family child care home for more than two (2) hours at a time
  • Must give written permission before a provider or teacher may take your child swimming, wading or on field trips
  • Are to be notified immediately of any serious injury or accident. If your child has a non-serious injury or accident, you must be notified on the same day
  • May file a complaint with the Office of Child Care if you believe that the provider or teacher is violating child care regulations. Any complaint you make about the child care facility or the care being provided there (whether it involves your child or not) will be promptly investigated. Your complaint may be filed verbally or in writing. You should address it to the Office of Child Care Regional Licensing Office that has jurisdiction over the area where the facility is located, since that is the office that will conduct the investigation. Once its investigation of the complaint is complete, the Regional Licensing Office must, at your request, inform you about the results of the investigation
  • Have the right to review, at the Office of Child Care Regional Licensing Office, the public portion of the licensing or registration file on the child care facility where your child is or was enrolled, or where you are considering enrolling your child.