Basic Health & Safety Training

Welcome to the Initial Basic Health and Safety Training.   You must complete all 13 modules and their parts to obtain the certificate of completion.  Please remember that Modules 1, 10 and 13 have 2 parts to be completed.  You are expected to move through all 13 topics in order.  To access the modules click on the picture with the topic title to view the videos. Completion of all 13 topics will take 3 hours to complete in the online format or 5 hours to complete in the face-to-face format. Before we begin, you may want to have paper and a writing tool available to take notes for the knowledge check required at the conclusion of this training and to answer reflection questions along the way.  During the presentation you will be given a code, it will be clearly marked on a slide, that you will need to input at the end of this training to complete your knowledge check and obtain a certificate. (The code is located within a slide during the presentation not verbally given to you.) You only need to submit your knowledge check one time. You must score a minimum of 75% on the knowledge check to receive a certificate.  You will be allowed to retake the knowledge check one time if you do not score a 75% or higher the first time.  If you are unable to score a minimum of 75% on the knowledge check after two tries, you will be required to obtain this training in an approved face to face format.

Once you complete and submit your knowledge check, your knowledge check will be scored.  If you score a 75% or higher, you receive a certificate of completion via email. You will need to print your confirmation of successful completion and place it in your personnel file at your program for review by a licensing inspector.   Please allow 10-14 business days for processing.

Your download speed may vary and you may experience delays in buffering and loading of content depending on the quality of your computers connection, the presence of other users on your network such as in a shared or office environment, and various other factors related to your system. It may take a few minutes for the videos to begin.

This training is not compatible with and cannot be completed on a mobile or smartphone device. 

Transcript - Introduction


Transcript - Building & Physical Premises Safety      Transcript - CPR



Transcript - First Aid                                                      Transcript - Medication Administration



Transcript - Asthma and Food & Allergy Emergencies  Transcript - Prevention and Control of Infectious Disease



Transcript - Emergency and Disaster Planning           Transcript - Precautions in Transporting Children



Transcript - Handling & Storage of Hazardous Materials Transcript - Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome (Part 1)



Transcript - Abusive Head Trauma (Part 2)                  Transcript - Prevention of SIDS



Transcript - Developmental Screening                         Transcript - Supervision (Part 1)



Transcript - Supervision (Part 2) & Conclusion 

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