Basic Health & Safety Training

ALERT: All Health & Safety Training accounts created before June 1, 2017 will be deleted on August 4, 2017. Print multiple copies of your certificate for your records, once your account is deleted you will no longer have access to Blackboard. MSDE will not have a copy of your certificate. If you still need to complete the training you will need to register for a new account

Welcome to the Initial Basic Health and Safety Training. (FREE, No Cost)

You need to register to create an account with MSDE to complete the Online Basic Health & Safety Training. This process will provide you with a username and password via email that you will need to access your training in Blackboard. Registered users will have access to Blackboard within 2-3 business days.

You must complete all 13 modules and score a minimum of 75% on the knowledge check to obtain the certificate of completion.

Completion of all 13 topics will take 3 hours to complete in the online format or 5 hours to complete in the face to face format. Before you begin, you may want to have paper and a writing tool available to take notes for the knowledge check required at the conclusion of this training and to answer reflection questions along the way.  The on-line training is required to be completed within 3 weeks of receiving your username and password upon registering.

You only need to submit your knowledge check one time. You must score a minimum of 75% on the knowledge check to receive a certificate.  You will be allowed to retake the knowledge check one time if you do not score a 75% or higher the first time.  If you are unable to score a minimum of 75% on the knowledge check after two tries, you will be required to obtain this training in an approved face to face format.

Once you complete and submit your knowledge check, your knowledge check will be scored in 10-14 business days.  If you score a 75% or higher, you will receive a Certificate of Completion in your Blackboard account.  (Certificates are no longer emailed.) Print your Certificate of Completion and place it in your personnel file at your program for review by a licensing inspector.   Please allow 10-14 business days for processing. We do not email scores or certificates. You can check your score in your Blackboard account. The system does not notify you when your Knowledge Check has been scored, continue to check for your account for your score.

If you have taken the Knowledge Check one time but did not meet the minimum requirement you can re-take the Knowledge Check. Log back into Blackboard and complete the Knowledge Check. If you have used both of your attempts and did not meet the minimum requirement you are required to take the face-to-face training. Find approved trainers here.


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For questions about course content, certificates, etc., please email the Department of Early Childhood at

For questions about Blackboard, registration, logging in, etc., please email the Learning Management Specialist at

List of Approved Basic Health & Safety Trainers is available here 
Need an alternative way or place to take the Health & Safety Training? No computer? Your public library has computers available for your use to complete the training! Want to take it face-to-face? Providers credentialed at a Level 2 or higher, can be reimbursed for taking the training face-to-face with an approved trainer. 
A Spanish version of “Health and Safety Basics: Requirements for Certification” is available from Penn State Better Kid Care. Certificates are issued for CEU credit so a small fee is charged by Penn State for processing. This is currently the only Health and Safety Training available in another language recognized by MSDE- Office of Child Care. Information will be updated with additional training offerings in other languages as it becomes available.