Licensing News & Updates

Child care providers, operators, and other consumers, need to know when updates are made to Licensing publications, forms, regulations, and other information as quickly as possible.  Updates and other useful information that child care providers, operators, and other consumers may need are listed on this page and easily accessed by clicking on the document.  The documents listed are in date order and will remain on this page for 90 days from the date noted.

03/29/2017 Posted - Basic Health and Safety Training Fact Sheet - This fact sheet provides information about the FREE "Health and Safety" training that is available on-line.  All child care providers and staff are required to complete this approved training by July 1, 2017.  The Health and Safety training is a pre-service requirement for new child care providers and staff.  Both the on-line version and approved face-to-face versions will count towards meeting the yearly core of knowledge training requirements. 

02/15/2017 Posted - Safe Sleep Practices and Swaddling in Child Care - Provides information on the prevention of "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)" and "safe sleep practices" to use in child care.

01/19/2017 Posted - Operating a Child Care Facility Using a "Doing Business As" Name - This unique name is commonly know as the DBA - "Doing Business As" name and it is a legal requirement in Maryland when conducting business in any other name instead of your legal name.

01/10/2017 Revised - The Large Family Child Care Home Manual - Created as a resource for interpreting and applying Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) requirements for Large Family Child Care Homes.