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Complete 2016 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Results  Released 


Updated Credentialing Application is Available

Fingerprint system is now live

Request for Curriculum - Early Childhood Curriculum Project: Comprehensive Curricula for Infants and Toddlers.

The Early Childhood Curriculum Project will solicit and evaluate curricula from publishers/vendors of comprehensive curricula for Infants and Toddlers, children birth to 3 years of age. Interested vendors/publishers should submit a technical report showing the corresponding alignment between their curricula with specified Maryland criteria, namely: Healthy Beginnings: Supporting Development and Learning from Birth through Three Years of Age (MSDE Technical Report Exhibit A). Programs must also supply narratives for professional development (Appendix B), assessment (Appendix C), pedagogy (Appendix D) and research (Appendix E).


By 4 p.m. on Monday, July 31, 2017 interested programs should submit technical reports and Teacher’s guides that have been used as a reference. Technical reports must be submitted for Appendices A, B, C, D and E.

The new Prekindergarten Expansion Grant for school year 2017-2018 is now available.

2017 Training proposal dates and Trainer's Orientation Schedule announced.

Community Events

Early childhood events and trainings around the state.


Funding Opportunities

Child care is a mission.

But it’s also a profession and a business.

If you’re a provider, you can use this part of the site to learn how MSDE can help you pay for things like accreditation fees, improvements you might make to your program and the adoption of  new curricula. If you’re a family member, you can learn about the child care subsidy program that helps eligible families to pay for child care.

All of these programs are essential because they help make quality child care a reality for all of Maryland’s children and families.