Fingerprinting Processing and Updates

The Accounting Division informed us recently that we may no longer make corrections to reimbursement packages.  Unfortunately, this means that many requests are going back to the originator for even simple corrections that we were doing internally.  We strongly urge that you review our website before submitting your request to ensure you have the latest information.

Maryland’s Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) has put procedures in place to allow child care providers to begin getting printed for the federal rap-back program.  (This does not mean the rap-back program is live; it just means CJIS can accept and hold onto the prints until the system is up and running). 

This rap-back will negate the need for a new background check every five years for most individuals.  To minimize the financial burden, the Office of Child Care will be picking up the cost of the background checks through a reimbursement procedure.  The schedule for fingerprinting and reimbursement is indicated in the chart below.

Providers who fail to meet the new background check requirements will not be allowed to be left with children unsupervised.

To make certain the background clearance systems can handle the influx of applications at the fingerprinting sites located statewide (, we are asking that child care providers follow the procedures below:

Anyone fingerprinted on or after Sept. 22, 2017 does not need to submit new prints.  Your prints are already on file and ready to submit when the new system is in place.    

Providers should adhere to the following schedule: 

Facility Name/Family Provider Last Name                    Prints Taken By:                     Invoice Due:

         A-D                                                                               12/1/17                       2/1/18

         E-J                                                                                2/1/18                         4/1/18

         K-Q                                                                               4/1/18                         6/1/18

         R-U                                                                               6/1/18                         8/1/18

         V-Z                                                                                8/1/18                        10/1/18

LEASE NOTE:  Child care center/LOC/Large Family Home providers may not submit requests on an individual basis.  The Center/LOC/Large Family Home is responsible for submitting the request on your behalf.  

Please also note the fingerprinting requirement for Centers is by CENTER name, not by the last name of each individual employed.  

You will not get reimbursed for people who were not on the original submission.  Once you have submitted your request and we have processed it, you cannot add more names.  Hold your requests until everyone is printed, but keep in mind your deadline for submitting the requests.   

The state will reimburse the costs for fingerprinting if the following conditions are met:

All child care providers must submit the following in addition to the information requested in the paragraphs below:

  • W-9 form ( (You complete this form with the same information you use to file your business taxes).  
    • The name and Fed ID or SS number must be identical on the W-9 and the invoice.  You cannot put a Fed ID and a SS number on the W-9 form; you have to use one or the other.  
    • Submit only one W-9 
    • The document must be signed and dated or we have to return it
  • One of the following three items: (If receipts do not show the amount charged, you must also submit a copy of the receipts that indicate how much was paid.)
    • Receipt from the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services with Tracking Number
    • Livescan Fingerprinting Certification for each individual that has the CJIS Reference Number
    • Individualized receipts with Tracking Number
  • You must also submit:

•    The invoice on our website; You may submit your own invoice but it must contain all of the information on ours.  

  1. You must sign and date the invoice
  2. Page 1 of the invoice must have the total amount being requested for reimbursement, even if your invoice is several pages long 
  • Centers/LOC’s and Large Family Homes must submit a staff roster that includes the names of people printed and the position they hold. 
  • Family child care providers must submit the names of everyone being printed and the reason why we are paying for them (i.e., family member, substitute, co-owner, aide, etc.

Be aware of the following:

  • The names and Federal ID/Social Security number on the invoice and the W-9 must match.  You determine which to supply by using the same information you provide when filing your business taxes.
  • It takes a minimum of 45-90 days for us to process a reimbursement request after we receive it and for payment to get issued by the Comptroller’s Office.  For those packages we must return, the 45-90 day period starts over.
  • If you owe the State of Maryland money, the Comptroller’s Office will intercept your reimbursement and put those funds toward the debt. 

Informal child care providers –
Submit an invoice indicating who was fingerprinted (provider, residents of home over the age of 18), along with the matching receipts for each person to: Janet Kirton, DECD, 200 W. Baltimore Street, 10th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21201 and we will reimburse the PROVIDER.  Informal child care provider invoices must contain the provider name, the social security number, telephone number, email address, and mailing address.  Use the invoice on our website.
We will not reimburse the fingerprinting costs for new staff hired after a) the federal rap-back system goes live or b) invoices submitted after the individual due dates in the chart above.

For providers who must request criminal history/child protective services (CPS) information from a state other than Maryland (if they resided in a State other than Maryland within the previous 5 years), please follow that state’s process for requesting the criminal history and CPS information.  We will reimburse the costs associated with these checks as long as you meet the required conditions.  

We will return packages that do not contain all of the required documentation for corrections.  

You must sign and date the invoice and the W-9.




    Nation-Wide Abuse Registry and Criminal History Records Request Information

    Links for Pennsylvania Residents:

    Pennsylvania ​does a name only search.  Cost is $8.00 on-line and $10 if done by paper.  Payment must be credit card, money order or cashier check. No personal checks accepted.

    Customer Service - 1-888-783-7972 option 3

    • Online CBC is completed immediately
    • Mailed in results can take 4-6 weeks
    • Mail in form

    • Results are sent to the requesting Agency/indiviual
    • Whoever is listed as Company has to pay for the results


    Once on the Website make the following choices:

    1) Company/individual

    2) Reason - other

    3) If Company - Add contact - this will generate a control number for each employee

    4)The control number is given to the individual who can log in with their information

    5) The company can then log into Check Status with the control #, employee name and birthdate and retrieve the results of the check.

    "No record" results are available immediately

    "Under review" status may take extra time.

    Reports and receipts can be printed directly from the website.



    Child Abuse Check:

    Sex Offender Registry:

    PA Sex Offender Registry Check