Region 5 - Montgomery County

Contact Information:

Office of Child Care Region 5 (Montgomery County)
Maryland State Department of Education
51 Monroe St., Suite 200
Rockville, MD 20850

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Main office phone 240-314-1400
Office e-mail
Office fax 240-314-1444

"Anyone who is interested in starting a child care business in a home or center is required to complete an on-line Orientation on a computer.  This is the very first step to getting a child care center license or a large family or family child care registration.  (Click here to go to the Orientation page)"

 To obtain required “local permits” for a child care center license or family child care registration - Click Here 

For Provider Training (Pre-Service and Continuing) - please click here to find MSDE-approved training courses, trainers and training organizations.

Eggleston, Carl
Regional Manager 240-314-1400
Lee, Ciara
Office Secretary 240-314-1425
Speak, Janet
Licensing Supervisor 240-314-1402
Mukherjee, Mary
Licensing Supervisor 240-314-1427
Bailey, Crystal
Licensing Specialist 240-314-1414
Brown, Debra
Licensing Specialist 240-314-1416
Browne, Ava
Licensing Specialist 240-314-1406
Crawford, Zulieka
Licensing Specialist 240-314-1415
Crystal, Lisa
Licensing Specialist 240-314-1420
Garcia, Carla
Licensing Specialist 240-314-1411
Harrell, Patricia
Licensing Specialist 240-314-1410
Holmes, Zakiyyah
Licensing Specialist 240-314-1404
Mills, Donna
Licensing Specialist 240-314-1405
Clay, Tracey
Licensing Specialist 240-314-1423
Licensing Specialist 240-314-1407
Soto, Rousana
Licensing Specialist 240-314-1412
Leffson, Patricia
Licensing Specialist 240-314-1424
Vacant Licensing Specialist 240-314-1408

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Center Director Training:

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