Who benefits from the Judy Center approach to improving children's readiness for school?

  • Children benefit because the learning environments are positive, exciting, and age-appropriate. They are exposed to seven key domains of learning social foundations, physical well-being and motor development, language and literacy, mathmatics, science, social studies and the arts. 
  • Parents of young children benefit because their children are enrolled in stimulating programs that reflect the best practices of early childhood. There are many opportunities to become more involved in their child's education, increase their parenting skills and their own educational level, and participate in rich family-oriented activities that help them become better parents.
  • Local school systems benefit because children enter school better prepared educationally and socially. Parents are more involved and, through early intervention, many times developmental delays and speech issues have been remedied before children enter the primary grades. This has social, as well as financial benefits.
  • The state benefits from the improved quality of life for families with young children living in Maryland.