What is an accredited Judy Center?

All early childhood education programs that are part of a Judy Center must be validated or accredited by state or national accrediting bodies. Programs within the public school system such as pre-kindergarten and kindergarten are already part of an accredited school; therefore, those programs undergo a validation process. Early education programs such as Head Start, child care centers or family child care providers that are separate from the school system undergo an accreditation process.  A high quality program has the following characteristics:

  • A friendly, open environment where family members are always welcome to observe, participate or volunteer to help in activities
  • Teachers who provide a nurturing, safe, and cognitively stimulating environment
  • A staff to child ratio that meets state standards
  • Program staff with formal educational backgrounds and solid work experience in early childhood education
  • Ongoing professional development that provides continuing education for staff
  • A program evaluation process that welcomes parental input
  • Formal parent/teacher conferences where children's progress is discussed
  • A research-based curriculum that has clear goals, is age-appropriate, and takes into account the needs of individual children