The 2018 Maryland Family Engagement Summit


The 2017 Family Engagement Summit Materials


Keynote: Lisa Guernsey


Presentations (Afternoon Workshops)

A. How to Develop and Enhance Resilience in Children and Families
Brijan M. Fellows and D'Lisa Ramsey Worth,  University of Maryland, School of Medicine
B. How the New Science of Development and Learning Supports Children Learning 
Eugene E. Garcia, Arizona State University, and Roberto Flores and Dayana Muniz, CentroNía
C. Harnessing the Combined Power of School, Home and Community
Jessie Lavorgna, Education Development Center 
D. Promoting Wellness within LGBT Families
Veronica M. Kirkland, All Things Are Possible Services, LLC
E. Cultural Awareness and Family Engagement
Petrea Hicks, XYZ... the end result! LLC
F. In Their Shoes: Experiencing the Challenges of Accessing Resources
Jamie Mathewson, Washington County Family Center
G. Tips for Bringing Early Learning and Family Engagement into the Digital Age
Conni Strittmatter, Harford County Public Library, and Lisa Guernsey, New America 

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