Population Served

woman reading with childThere are 51 Judy Centers offering benefits to 59 Title I school attendance areas throughout the state. Families do not have to sign up, enroll or qualify for Judy Center services. Eligibility is determined by residency. If a child is age birth through kindergarten and lives in one of the Title I school districts that are served by a Judy Center, they are eligible for all services and  activities offered.

In 2016, the centers served 18,099 children (ranging in age from birth through kindergarten). Kindergarten demographic data shows ethnic composition as 28% White, 42% African American, 22% Hispanic, 6%, two or more races, 2% Asian and less than 1% other. When considering Judy Center enrollments as a proportion of the population in kindergarten in the schools served by the Judy Centers in the 2015-2016 school year, 61 percent of children received at least one year of Judy Center services prior to entering kindergarten.